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The Ohio Creek Watershed has suffered from tidal and precipitation flooding for many years.

This yearly flooding has led to inaccessible roads, shoreline erosion, and isolated neighborhoods

For example, Grandy Village and Chesterfield Heights can be accessed by just two roads, one of which becomes completely impassable during excessive flooding. The Ohio Creek Watershed Project was created by the Norfolk municipal government to solve this issue and many others like it.

Ohio Creek Watershed Project team members are discussing about the project.

As determined by the needs of the residents, the Watershed
Project has three goals

  • Design a coastal community capable of dealing with the
    increased risk of flooding
  • Create economic opportunity by promoting the growth of
    existing and new industry sectors
  • Advance initiatives to connect communities, alleviate poverty,
    and strengthen neighborhoods
The resilience park by Ohio Creek Watershed Project

The centerpiece of the Ohio Creek Watershed Project will be
Resilience Park

This park will connect Grandy Village and Chesterfield Heights and consists of a flood berm, a restored tidal creek, wetlands, and other environmental features to protect the area against flooding. The park will also have facilities for community gatherings, a multi-use sports field, and other places for work and play.

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