Project Overview

The Ohio Creek Watershed Project is a holistic resilience project that will reduce flooding and improve public spaces.

The Chesterfield Heights and Grandy Village neighborhoods have been selected to participate in a transformational coastal improvement project known as the Ohio Creek Watershed Project. This $112 million project will reduce flooding, improve public spaces, and ensure these communities thrive for years to come.

The objectives of the Ohio Creek Watershed Project are:

  • Construction of flood protection, roadway realignment and the renovation of Grandy Village Park
  • Flood protection includes construction of earthen berms, wetland creations, and cast-in-place concrete walls
  • Utility replacement and upgrades in and around Chesterfield Heights and Grandy Village

The utility relocations and upgrades will re-route stormwater to two new pump stations. New sanitary sewer and potable water streams will also be installed in the Chesterfield neighborhood to improve water drainage and the aesthetics of the area. Grandy Village Park, which is located behind Chesterfield Academy, will be renovated into a modern play and learning area. A new fishing pier will be built near the park for the community.

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